Jeanette Adams Art

 Contemporary Expressionist

Born in eclectic Melbourne now living on 100 acres of mountain ash forest Jeanette is currently painting this environment where she lives, using oil as watercolor wash or thick sculptural texture with white for purity of nature - blurring the line between realism and imagination -

Painting is a reference to the place from which it is crafted that's why it's engaging work the medium and color all with particular combinations, we paint together people, place, landscape, to enrich our cultural experience.                                       

My Work

Art is never finished only abandoned Leonardo Da Vinci

My Prints

We are working on bringing our print shop to life!  Check back soon!


 International Prize Botticelli 09/02/2019                      

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CFA Artist of the Year Award 22/01/2019

Finalist for CFA Artist of the Year Award for artwork displaying originality uniqueness remarkable aesthetic and higher technical and creative standard